Pharmaceutical Companies

Deliver targeted treatment & monitoring

For pharmaceutical companies, Idoven develops ECG-based disease biomarkers towards patient identification, risk stratification and prognosis.

Our AI technology is also applied to streamline and standardise cardiovascular safety monitoring during clinical trials and post-market approval.

Identify patients early

Identification of patients who can benefit from therapy through non-invasive, point-of-care ECG screening

Predict evolution of disease and monitor treatment response

Daily risk stratification of patients with chronic conditions like heart failure, stroke and kidney disease based on subclinical cardiac electrical changes

Remove burden to monitor cardiac safety of treatments

Rapid ECG-based detection and monitoring for drug cardiotoxicity, in-office and remotely

The Challenge

Diagnosed patients on treatment for chronic conditions like stroke, heart failure and kidney disease face risk of complications - from the disease or from the drug with known cardiotoxic effects. Many of these patients are likely to be re-admitted to the hospital.

How do we support patients at high risk of complications and deliver more targeted treatments in a safe and cost-effective way?

Insufficient follow-up in post-acute care

For example, patients with Heart Failure have scheduled in-person follow-ups 2 to 4 times per year in which a 10 second ECG is performed. However, the onset of the signs of decompensated heart failure can occur 2 to 3 weeks before a major cardiovascular event, and if detected early, hospital re-admission and its associated costs can be avoided.

Focus on diagnosis, over long-term health management

Remote and continuous monitoring solutions are primarily used to obtain a diagnosis, such as a 30-day heart monitor. These devices are bulky and involve wires, impede on daily activities, and are only used by patients for a short period of time.

Drugs with cardiotoxicity risks

Many effective medications come with cardiotoxicity or adverse events, particularly common in oncology. Adverse effects can range from uncomfortable symptoms to sudden cardiac death. Monitoring and managing the cardiovascular safety of treatments requires separate and time-consuming visits to a cardiologist.

Idoven’s solution

For pharmaceutical companies

Idoven delivers patient identification and monitoring solutions that offer an easy and consistent way to pick up early signs of cardiac abnormalities, triggered by cardiovascular diseases, cancer, kidney disease and other disease areas. The solution consists of:

Idoven's AI algorithms to analyse ECGs in a rapid manner, to evaluate treatment effect and subclinical changes in cardiac electrical signals

A 3rd party wearable ECG (e.g., smartwatch) or mobile ECG device (e.g., holter, patch) customised to the use case

A customizable app (or preferred mode) where non-cardiologist and cardiologist clinicians can visualise patient ECGs and results

Clinicians can monitor patients in between in-person visits, receive alerts of troublesome trends in real time and intervene before patients need to be hospitalized.

Case Study

Monitoring cardiotoxicity and QT prolongation induced by cancer drug


Global pharmaceutical company


A cancer drug developed has known risks of QT prolongation that can lead to fatal arrhythmias. Performing ECGs before and during treatment is essential to adhere to treatment protocol. However, the waiting list to see a specialist cardiologist is 1-4 months, resulting in many cancer patients that could benefit from the drug being unable to be access the treatment.


Idoven developed an AI algorithm to monitor and diagnose QT prolongation using a 6-lead ECG of 30 seconds. At the oncologist’s office, a cancer patient takes a 30 second ECG with a simple hand-held device, which is analysed by our cloud-based AI software and team of cardiologists. In less than 5 minutes, the diagnosis is returned to the oncologist to determine if the patient is suitable for initiating treatment.

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Pharmaceutical companies

Leverage our rapid ECG-based screening and monitoring solutions to identify patients early that can benefit from treatment and monitor treatment effects.


Accelerate patient enrolment in prospective clinical trials through rapid and standardised ECG screening and remote monitoring.