Our mission is to prevent cardiovascular disease

We believe that the application of AI in healthcare is one of the most transformational shifts of our time. Our mission is to make that happen, faster, in the fight against the leading killer globally: cardiovascular disease.

The start of things

We started in the National Cardiovascular Research Centre in Spain (CNIC), a cardiologist and a machine learning scientist conducting basic and translational research in the application of machine learning in cardiology. We worked together, night and day, to try to answer the question: can we prevent heart disease?

We looked at the available technology. We saw vendor-proprietary ECG formats that created data silos and constrained deeper analytics. We saw software embedded in devices with limited processing power and that were too rigid to handle novel problems. We saw machine learning approaches fail in clinical practice.

We saw a need for a different kind of technology, a platform that brings together clinical, engineering and data expertise to power new waves of innovation. That’s why we founded Idoven.

See our impact

Our Story

Nov 2018
Idoven is founded after almost a decade of basic and translation research in the cardiology and arrhythmia field.
First agreements with Google and Banco Santander for remote patient monitoring.

Selected for Lilly and UnLtd Accelerator.
Iker Casillas joins Idoven as brand ambassador and investor

Awarded EU Seal of Excellence

Awarded #1 Spanish HealthTech company and grant funding by NEOTEC, led by the Spain Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology

Selected for EIT Health Headstart and Bridgehead programme
€2 million raised in seed round from Wayra, Accel Starter programme and leading business angels.
Sep 2021
Member of the pan-European MAESTRIA consortium to apply machine learning to the early detection of stroke and atrial fibrillation.
Oct 2021
Awarded Most Disruptive Startup and Best Health Startup Award at South Summit, the leading technology conference in Southern Europe.
Dec 2021
Selected for EIC Accelerator funding of €6.5 million in grant and equity.
Jun 2022
€18,5 million raised in round A from Insight Partner, Northzone, Wayra, and leading business angels.

Trusted by leading Life Sciences and MedTech companies to drive innovation and better patient outcomes

GE Healthcare

Powering innovation in cardiovascular care and research

Idoven is building AI-powered tools and services to transform how cardiac diagnosis and care are delivered.  By partnering with medical device and pharmaceutical companies, as well as clinical stakeholders, we leverage the power of our proprietary AI to help deliver faster, more accurate and consistent diagnoses and better targeted treatments for every patient.


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