Help us build the future of heart care

Our team combines clinical expertise with machine learning, software engineering, and data science. Whatever their role, each team member combines an uncompromising patient-first mindset with an unwavering focus on our mission.

Make an impact at global scale.
Get support to do your best work.

We offer a unique opportunity to be at an agile startup, while working on a platform that has the potential to transform healthcare around the world and save lives.

Diverse perspectives

We come from all backgrounds with experience in engineering, medicine, operations, science, healthcare, coaching, legal. We recognise each person’s strengths, and strive to learn something new every day. We know that we can be great at doing something alone, but it will be even better when accomplished together.

Training and mentorship

It is common to work on things outside your domain of expertise. We encourage people to proactively ask questions, and set aside a training budget to take learn from internal and external experts, on topics like Fundamentals of Machine Learning and How to Hire the Best. Only with this mindset of continuous learning can we spark new ideas.

Ownership and impact

Pushing the limits of science and medicine isn’t for the faint-hearted. We have smart people who sweat the tiny details - every line of code, every presentation page. We work until it is ready and then polish until it is exceptional. We are building new things from scratch every day.

On a mission to prevent heart disease,
the leading cause of death

We have the opportunity to save and transform lives, powering the next waves of innovation in preventing and predicting cardiovascular disease. We have made significant progress, but still have a massive challenge ahead. You have an unprecedented opportunity to do the most important work of your career.

What we do is making the world a better place. This is not just research, this is real world impact.

Carlos Lizcano

Data Scientist

We bring together experts from data, clinical, regulation, business... In the end, we all think about patients first, and we work backwards from there.

Laura Beijleveld

Talent Manager

We are building for the long-term. We move fast, while also making sure we do things right. Doctors and patients are relying on us.

Patricia Gomez

Solutions Architect

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