AI-powered detection and precision medicine for cardiology

AI technology, based on science

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Bringing the power of AI to cardiac care

Idoven has developed the world’s first cardiology-as-a-service platform powered by artificial intelligence that augments a clinician’s ability to identify, triage and diagnose patients at scale.

Our powerful, proprietary AI software leverages electrocardiogram (ECG) data, of any duration and from any device, to improve the accuracy and consistency of ECG interpretation.

Use Cases

We are working with leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies in 3 focus areas:

What makes Idoven’s platform so powerful


Our AI models are trained on one of the most diverse and longest ECG databases, from both healthy individuals and diagnosed patients.
1.2 million

ECG hours in database, manually annotated for the sole purpose of AI training


Patients monitored in clinical trials


Collaborators from leading EU and US research centres and industry partners on stroke and atrial fibrillation (MAESTRIA H2020)

AI technology, based on science

We have developed diagnostic and prediction machine learning models based on a deep knowledge and basic research of the human heart.

Publications in top-tier scientific journals


Prediction models targeting cardiovascular disease under development


Cardiac patterns detected automatically with AI

Security & data privacy

Our cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability, compliance and security.

Device neutrality & interoperability

Our solution is device neutral and made available to customer via API and non-API tools to enable bi-directional data exchange.

Ingests data from standard and proprietary formats.

30 seconds to 30 days

Analyses ECGs of any duration, to deliver results in minutes.

ECGs, holters, patches, implantables, wearables...

Works with any ECG device compliant with IEC standards 60601-2-25 / 27 / 47

Our science

We are working with world-class research centres in cardiovascular research. Our R&D demonstrate scientific advances in cardiology and machine learning, published in high-impact factor journals such as Nature, Heart, European Heart Journal, Circulation and Europace.
A complete and low-cost cardiac optical mapping system in translational animal models
Time‑efficient three‑dimensional transmural scar assessment provides relevant substrate characterization for ventricular tachycardia features and long‑term recurrences in ischemic cardiomyopathy
Personalized monitoring of electrical remodelling during atrial fibrillation progression via remote transmissions from implantable devices
Bicuspid aortic valve behaviour in elite athletes
Three-dimensional cardiac fibre disorganization as a novel parameter for ventricular arrhythmia stratification after myocardial infarction
Implications of bipolar voltage mapping and magnetic resonance imaging resolution in biventricular scar characterization after myocardial infarction

Join Iker Casillas and pro athletes in donating your heartbeats for science

On May 1, 2019, Iker Casillas, World-cup winning goalkeeper and United Nations Goodwill ambassador, suffered a heart attack during training at the age of 38. Today, he relies on Idoven to care for his heart. Together with the Iker Casillas Foundation, Idoven is able to impact the lives of vulnerable groups at high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Join Iker, olympic athletes and global tech organisations in the #donateyourheartbeats movement to advance research in the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Help us build a healthier world

Idoven is at the very forefront of advancing AI technology in health and cardiovascular care to help doctors and patients all over the world. We'd like your help.