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Empower prevention

Idoven partners with sports organisations and corporate wellness teams to deliver at-home continuous ECG monitoring, to empower healthy individuals to check their heart, from anywhere, at anytime.

Continuous, remote ECG monitoring

From 24 hours to 7 days with a non-invasive, waterproof device

Clinical support

Clinical team of expert cardiologists to supervise ECG interpretation

Easy-to-interpret results

User-friendly reporting that both the patient and doctor can understand

The Challenge

What if we could identify patients when they are asymptomatic and prevent cardiovascular disease before they manifest?

Silent heart attacks and atrial fibrillation

Nearly half of all heart attacks have no symptoms. Silent atrial fibrillation is common and leads to greater risk of stroke and heart failure.

Shortcomings of ECGs taken at the hospital

Taking a continuous ECG while performing your normal daily activities like exercise and sleep is essential to identify arrhythmias.

Shortcomings of consumer wearables alone

In a world of record demand for 30-second smartwatch ECGs, continuous, long-duration ECGs monitors can result in a 10x increase in atrial fibrillation detection (SCREEN-AF study).

Idoven’s solution

For sports organisations and corporate wellness

Idoven delivers an at-home monitoring kit for heart checks with a non-invasive device that records ECG from 24 hours to 7 days, and analyses the data using AI algorithms to comprehensively identify cardiac arrhythmias.

Case Study

Monitoring cardiovascular risks in children with mental diseases and Down's Syndrome



People with mental diseases and Down’s Syndrome are at an increased risk of cardiac conditions. Cardiac conditions are largely congenital, present in approximately 40-60 percent of babies born with Down’s syndrome, but there is also an increased risk of acquired cardiovascular disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to cardiovascular follow-ups for non-urgent access was limited and many parents were concerned about the state of their children's hearts.


In partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation and Iker Casillas Foundation, Idoven delivered its at-home ECG monitoring solution to 800 children with Down's Syndrome, each receiving a personalised cardiological report on the state of their heart. The heartbeats from this study will contribute to the research and prevention of sudden death among other vulnerable groups at high risk of heart disease.

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Sports associations and corporate wellness

Our clients include Google, Banco Santander and Real Madrid Foundation. Empower your members and employees to take charge of their heart health.

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