The Real Madrid Foundation and IDOVEN will develop a cardiovascular evaluation project with vulnerable groups thanks to the support of the Iker Casillas Foundation.

Last week we explained how IDOVEN and the Iker Casillas Foundation are bringing cardiology closer to the little ones at the Iker Casillas summer camp.

Today, supported by the Iker Casillas FoundationFoundation, we signed a collaboration agreement with the Real Madrid Foundation developing a cardiovascular assessment project with vulnerable groups.

This great project will allow, thanks to the contribution of the Iker Casillas Foundation, cardiological evaluation from the clinical point of view and research in the field of sudden cardiac death within the framework of the movement. #donatuslatidos to save lives supported by Andrus Ansip as Vice-President of the European Commission.

The project aims to monitor a total of 800 beneficiaries who will undergo extensive professional medical assessment and provide their heartbeat data to contribute to research and prevention of sudden death among groups at high risk of heart disease.

The agreement between IDOVEN and the Real Madrid Foundation will represent a further step in the health prevention lines that the Real Madrid Foundation carries out with different campaigns and initiatives throughout the year.

At IDOVEN we continue to work every day to improve the artificial intelligence that nourishes our technology, thus allowing the automation of the diagnosis of heart diseases through the use of artificial intelligence. Our aim is to enable people and doctors to monitor heart health anywhere, while they carry out their work, sporting and professional activities without having to go to a hospital, from their homes and at any time.

Thanks to the Real Madrid Foundation and to all the customers who have donated their heartbeats to continue feeding our artificial intelligence algorithms. to try to prevent early and non-invasively diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden death.

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