The Iker Casillas Foundation and IDOVEN monitor 3,221,218 heartbeats | "A heartbeat, a new hope".

The Iker Casillas Foundation and Idoven are carrying out, for the second consecutive year, the campaign 'One heartbeat, one dream'.

This project, framed within the campaign of "donate your heartbeat campaign, has as its main objective the cardiovascular prevention of children at risk of suffering cardiac events, such as arrhythmias or sudden death. The patients are selected by the IDOVEN medical team.

This year, the campaign has allowed the study of a total of 3,221,218 heartbeats.

These beats, after study and research, further increase the efficiency of the heart health technology on which IDOVEN is based.

From IDOVEN we would like to thank the participating children and their families: with the donation of your heartbeats we help more people every day to live healthier, happier and longer lives.



What are the objectives of this action between the Iker Casillas Foundation and IDOVEN?

The main goal of heartbeat analysis and investment in artificial intelligence research through heartbeat donation is cardiovascular prevention and the possibility of detecting cardiac events in at-risk children, which can sometimes go unnoticed.

Who are the target groups of this project?

The target audience of this project are paediatric patients (from 0 to 16 years old) at risk of cardiac events, such as children with congenital heart disease, arrhythmias, genetic syndromes or autism spectrum disorder. Artificial intelligence can play a key role in assisting the most vulnerable groups by helping in the early diagnosis of cardiac events, which are often asymptomatic or difficult to diagnose.

The project, which joins forces between the Iker Casillas Foundation and IDOVEN and allows us to reach children all over the world.

What is heartbeat donation?

Children participating in the project donate their heartbeats through non-invasive monitoring with our devices for 7 days.

The data is processed by our artificial intelligence-based algorithm, which comprehensively analyses the different patterns to produce a cardiology report for more accurate, early and effective medicine, aiding in the detection of cardiac events in the paediatric age group.

The initiative #DonateYourBeats in paediatric at-risk groups can help healthcare professionals provide safe and effective care through the responsible sharing of information about how children's hearts behave in real life.

At IDOVEN we work every day on cardiovascular prevention for all people of all ages, with the aim of early detection of cardiac problems.

To this end, we have created an artificial intelligence-powered SaaS platform for diagnosing cardiac problems that integrates into the clinical workflows of cardiologists and physicians. Delivering reliable, more efficient and higher quality diagnostics with deep learning algorithms, at a very affordable cost, by analysing electrocardiograms and holters of any duration to diagnose alterations in cardiac electrical activity and arrhythmias.

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