Suffering a myocardial infarction and being born again : IDOVEN's stories : Diego Laguna

In today's post we bring you another "IDOVEN story".

Meet Diego Laguna, he is 37 years old and at the age of 35 he had a myocardial infarction and was born again.

Before the cardiac event Diego led an active and healthy life. He was a regular sportsman and took care of his diet.

For a month he felt cramps in his side and pressure in his chest.He was young and had been taking care of himself all his life, but he didn't think it could be a heart problem until one day when he collapsed while running along thebeach.

From that moment on, he put himself in the hands of IDOVEN to monitor his heart and to make acorrect cardiac rehabilitation by analysing how the heart reacted both in moments of effort and at rest.

Diego had his heart monitored for 4 months with the help of our services and our medical team and is now living a normal life as he did before the cardiac event.

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