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20 minutes. That's the time between one cardiac arrest and the next in Spain. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, which is why more than 17 million people lose their lives every year.

IDOVEN is a medical startup founded in 2018 by three Spanish entrepreneurs. We are developing a technology based on artificial intelligence that allows us to analyze the heartbeats of our patients to help diagnose early and non-invasive possible heart problems that in the worst case can cause heart attacks.

In medicine we are limited by two factors: distance and time. "As a cardiologist I could only treat the 20 or 25 patients who were admitted to the hospital or who came to the office every day. With IDOVENWe want our technology to reach thousands of people in the future, wherever they are on the planet," explains our co-founder, Dr. Manuel Marina Breysse. In the 21st century, medicine will accompany the patient.

The idea of IDOVEN arose during the preparation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games when we combined our work in sports cardiology at the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD) with research at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC). The union between cardiology and technology marked the turning point.

We understood that technology was the answer to those distance and time constraints that make it difficult for all people to access the medicine they need. With it we are thinking about how to reach any person anywhere in the world and analyze their heart during their day to day. A running fan running on a Sunday morning, a footballer during a training session, a pilot while competing in the Dakar or a climber climbing to the top of Everest.

The IDOVEN process will allow to reach people remotely, maintaining the necessary rigor and precision, thanks also to the guarantee of our medical team. Therein lies IDOVEN's main value: to try to eliminate physical barriers caused by distance and to shorten times. We intend to do this thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms, which we are teaching to read the electrical signals emitted by the heart (electrocardiograms). A patient to be monitored with IDOVEN anywhere will receive a personalized medical report within days.

The heart monitoring process is simple. By choosing the duration of heart study you will receive a simple kit that will allow you to externally monitor your heart's daily activity (training, but also resting, working...). After returning the kit, the IDOVEN team will analyze the records of your heartbeat and in a few days we will know what its condition is: if it is healthy or has any problems, and if so, propose possible actions or recommendations. We want to remove barriers to bring cardiology into every home in record time.

The IDOVEN software could identify 58 electrical disorders of the heart, which represent 90% of the most frequent heart problems. We have analyzed the hearts of more than 5,800 people and many have donated their beats so that our technology can help diagnose more people's heart problems in the future. The characteristics of each heart help us make medicine more accurate and personalized. THANK YOU to those of you who make this possible.

Behind every medical test we do, there is a story, a person.

Many of these people are going through a difficult time with the crisis of COVID-19 and you transfer your doubts to us. We know that some Cardiology consultations have been suspended despite patients with heart disease are a particularly vulnerable group to the virus and that sometimes you're not going to hospitals for mild symptoms because you're worried about contagion. We want to convey to you the importance of maintaining the treatments for your illnesses and of seeking medical assistance for any possible cardiac symptoms (such as palpitations, dizziness, fainting or chest pain).

In this context, the combination of technology and IDOVEN online cardiology at a distance will help make it easier to read your heartbeat for those who may need it, reducing some risks and uncertainty and helping as much as possible to decongest the country's hospitals and medical centres.

For any questions, please write to us at

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