IDOVEN wins Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award for its contribution to making people live happier, healthier, and longer lives

At IDOVEN we have a clear objective:

"We want people to live happier, healthier and longer lives."

For this reason, we have been working for years to ensure that the artificial intelligence that fuels the technology we use can prevent heart diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden death. We want to contribute to people have longer lives and can enjoy them in the best conditions.

This objective is shared with the international medical sector. We have been doing our bit in the cardiovascular medical sector for a long time and today this work has been rewarded by the U.S. National Academy of Medicinethrough of its program Healthy Longevity Global Competition where we have won the  Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award (first phase of the three that make up this competition until reaching the final phase called "Grand Prize" valued at 5 million dollars). 

Read more on the EIT Health blog: EIT Health names winning longevity innovations

We continue to work so that people can live longer and happier lives by preventing, in a non-invasive way, heart attacks and cardiovascular disease .

Thank you to all the customers who have used our services and donated their heartbeats through our #donatuslatidos campaign so that, every day, more people can live longer and healthier lives, preventing heart attacks and heart disease in an early and non-invasive way.

Tell us your case and we can tell you how IDOVEN can help you know the state of your heart.


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