IDOVEN supported by Sportboost, a startup accelerator created by Iker IDOVEN.

Just over a year ago Iker Casillas decided to join the IDOVEN team. investing in our Startup with the priority objective of: "bringing cardiology closer to all people, helping them to live happier, healthier and longer lives".

Since then, we have participated in many initiatives in which we have worked together with The Iker Casillas Foundation and the Real Madrid Foundation bringing professional cardiology closer through our services to all people who may have a heart problem.

SportBoost is an accelerator and incubator for sports-related startups that aims to turn them into leading companies in their sector. The specialised programme has all the resources for consultancy, business development, institutional relations and access to funding to ensure the success of entrepreneurial projects.

For IDOVEN is a real luxury to be one of the projects that SportBoost is accelerating at the moment, obtaining not only capital, but also advice, contacts and agreements with the aim of growing our company and bringing it closer to its customers. our professional cardiology services to more people.

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