IDOVEN and the Iker Casillas Foundation start the project "A heartbeat, a new hope".

From IDOVEN we have a clear objective. We want our customers to have longer and happier lives, trying to detect early and non-invasive cardiac problems to prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction, arrhythmias and sudden death.

For this we use the artificial intelligence to nurture our technology so that millions of our clients' heartbeats can be monitored in hours, when to do it manually would take a professional cardiologist days. with our serviceswhen doing it manually could take a professional cardiologist days. 

This technology is nourished by the millions of heartbeats that our patients have monitored with our services and have donated in our campaign #donatuslatidos that we promote from IDOVEN among customers and athletes of all levels, including professional athletes of various sports such as basketball, athletics, triathlon, rowing ... among others.

From today we join forces with the Iker Casillas Foundation to launch the campaign:

"A heartbeat, a new hope"

The project starts to promote health prevention in especially vulnerable groups such as children with congenital heart disease, selected by IDOVEN's medical team.

The #donatuslatidos project has allowed the study of a total of 3,497,807 heartbeats since last January.

These collected heartbeats, after study and research, allow to further increase the efficiency of health technology.

The project initiated by IDOVEN together with the Iker Casillas Foundation pursues several objectives:

  • Reduce congestion in medical practices.
  • Unload the work of healthcare workers using artificial intelligence that accurately analyzes the cardiac data of patients who monitor their heart with our services.
  • To bring professional cardiology to any part of the world, thereby reducing sudden infant death through heartbeat analysis and investment in research through the donation of monitored heartbeats.

For IDOVEN it is a pleasure to join forces with the Iker Casillas Foundation to prevent early and non-invasive heart problems and cardiovascular diseases by relying on artificial intelligence that feeds our services.

Request your cardiological test online and receive it at home.

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