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In the last post we saw that after a heart attack it is possible and advisable to return to sporting activity. It is important that this return is done in a progressive and controlled way. Today we will talk about how to return to sport safely. 

Today, thanks to cardiac rehabilitation cardiac rehabilitation or programmed exercise that are indicated by health professionals after suffering a heart attack, patients carry out a controlled physical exercise plan that is started early. This improves their physical capacity, strengthens their psychological state, reduces the probability of angina and arrhythmias and helps them to normalize their social, work and sexual life, reducing the overall mortality of these patients.

The return to physical activity after a heart attack should always be done progressively. gradually, especially during the first few months. In order for the plan to be adapted to each patient, tests should be carried out beforehand to check the state of the heart after the heart attack.For this type of check-up, we always recommend our remote professional sports cardiology services .

The aptitude for sports practice in patients who have suffered a heart attack is determined by the risk of suffering a new acute ischemic episode, which should be evaluated by the cardiologist. 

Thus, patients with uncomplicated acute myocardial infarction are currently considered to be uncomplicated are ideal candidates for early mobilization early mobilizationwhich could begin on the first day in the hospital:

It should be an isotonic, low-intensity activity (such as grooming). The heart rate during this early mobilization should be controlled and should not exceed 120 beats/min or increase above 20 beats above the patient's basal heart rate if he/she is taking any heart medication. Subsequently, the patient, when leaving the hospital after 7 to 14 days, should gradually increase the level of physical activity: small exercises involving muscle groups of the arms, legs and trunk. The best physical exercise is gradually walking longer and longer distances.

When the patient already takes short walks, specific tests can be considered to assess the patient's clinical situation and help stratify his or her risk. Only after this assessment and the possible correction or treatment required can the patient begin to progressively increase physical activity in a controlled manner that will produce the benefits previously mentioned. 

The use of IDOVEN services can help in this stratification of the risk of a new event, especially when symptoms are intermittent or not perceived. Thus, monitoring with long term devices, such as the our devicesdevices, is indicated in the assessment of palpitations, syncope and dizziness.dizziness, dyspnea dyspnea or chest pain.

In conclusion, current recommendations indicate that sports patients or athletes with asymptomatic coronary artery disease in whom the tests performed by the cardiologist after the initial phase are negative for a repeat ischemic event, can participate in all types of exercise programs., including competitive sports, always with caution, control and measurement..

Exceptions should apply for high intensity power and endurance sports, as well as for athletes or patients over 60 years of age.

From IDOVEN we want to help sports professionals and patients to a progressive return to physical activity in a safe way.

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