Three Years with Palpitations and Dizziness while Training until he met IDOVEN

In today's post, we bring to you another interview. In this interview, Javier Calle tells us about his experience with Idoven.

For three years, Javier suffered from several episodes of occasional heart palpitations and dizziness while training.  After seeing several specialists and not finding a solution to his problem, he put himself in our hands.  

For three weeks, we analyzed everything that happened within his heart using Nuubo’s holter, and after considering multiple options, we recommended a pulmonary vein ablation.

Javier is almost recovered and, little by little, he is getting back to exercising in a normal way.

We'll leave the interview to you explaining his case:

  • How long have you had no clear idea what your problem was?

About three years. These episodes would come and go for a few months, and then they'd go away again.

  • What specialists did you go to during this period?

I first went to my health center and then to different cardiologists from various hospitals. And none of them had any idea what it could be.

  • Why did you decide to use our services?

A friend recommended that I contact Dr. Marina, who specializes in treating athletes and could have much more knowledge on the subject.

  • What benefits have you found in our technology versus others you may have tried before?

In previous occasions, I had had ultrasounds and had worn a monitor holter, but the monitor couldn’t track my heart during a normal day or during my training sessions, and I only wore it for 24 hours.  With IDOVEN, I was able to monitor everything that was happening to my heart on a daily basis for 3 weeks.

  • What was your treatment and how did Idoven help you?

From the beginning, when Dr. Marina and I discussed my symptoms, he knew what it could be-- It wasn't the first case he had treated. For once, someone knew what it could be, not like in the past when doctors didn't know what it was, and it seemed like I had invented these symptoms. That was a relief. Afterwards, the fact that they gave me the holter and were able to study and analyze my heartbeats for three weeks in order to make my life normal was incredible.  

I wore the sports Holter for 3 weeks, and the IDOVEN team identified an arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation that lasted in some of the episodes for more than 5 hours. They also analyzed how my heart rate decreased to only 33 beats when sleeping.

With this data they were able to understand my problem and put a solution to the arrhythmias. The treatment was a pulmonary vein ablation.

  • Can you train normally right now?

Two months later, I am training normally, and I haven’t experienced any symptoms of the arrhythmias.  

  • How do you think the donation of your heartbeat affects science?

Anything to help other people with similar problems find solutions is a pleasure.

  • Do you think everyone should have more information about what's going on in their heart?

Totally, I at least recommended it to everyone I know.

  • What has IDOVEN done for you / how has it helped you?

It has managed to solve a problem I had had for years without other hospitals and doctors finding it. When you have this problem and you go to different cardiologists and they don't know what's wrong with you, it makes you worry. Solving it has been a great relief.

  • What would you say to people who read this blog?

That, if they can, they invest in their health from time to time. It's money well spent. You don't have to feel bad to get checked, especially if you play sports. I think it's crucial.

  • What activities are you doing right now?

Now, I have to recover my form little by little. The two most important challenges of this year will be the MAM (Madrid Alpine Marathon) in June and the Valencia Marathon in December to complete under 3 hours. At the moment, I'm training 6 days a week.


Thanks to Javier for putting himself in our hands. It's a pleasure to help our clients solve their problems so they can keep exercising in a healthy way.

If you want to know what we can do for you, contact us at

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