The Google for Startups team monitors your heart and donates its beats with IDOVEN

At IDOVEN We have been monitoring our clients' hearts for more than a year with the aim of preventing heart problems based on artificial intelligence and bringing our professional cardiology service to our clients' homes anywhere in the world.

Many companies or media have echoed our service and asked us how to offer it to their employees.

At IDOVEN we have developed a type of service exclusively for companies that consists of

  • Measurement. All employees are monitored on a daily basis. Both in work, rest, physical activity and sleep.
  • Explanation/training on our service.
  • Delivery and explanation to the teams.
  • Reception and delivery of the measurements.
  • Delivery of personalized results with medical report.

The last company that has lent itself to this initiative has been Google For Startups.

Last October, his entire global team passed through Madrid. They took the opportunity to learn about the projects of the Madrid Campus Residency (of which we are a part).

The Google team was very interested in Idoven and wanted to test our service. Each of the team members received their monitoring package to know the state of your heart so you can prevent any kind of heart disease.

The employees of Google for Startups has been monitoring on average 3 days. Analyzing at all times what happens in your heart during the normal course of your day. Measuring 4.189.291 total heartbeat.

The Google Team has not only monitored their activity but, in addition, has donated to science 4.189.291 millions of heartbeats thus joining the campaign #Shakes that we're pushing from IDOVEN. They will make the Artificial Intelligence that fuels our technology can help save more and more lives in the future.

With this type of agreement we make it possible for companies to bet on the well-being and heart health of their employees, supporting startups that create artificial intelligence to change the world by improving people's lives. 

If you are a company and want to work with us you can write to us at

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