The CSD and the #TeamESP Athletes have a New Ally | IDOVEN

In this video, we demonstrate how it all started.

Monitoring the Spanish elite athletes during the preparation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In the Department of Cardiology of the Center of Sports Medicine of the CSD, we increased the cardiac control of our Spanish elite athletes by developing a pioneer project that did more than just improve their results...

Led by our Sports Cardiologist and CEO Dr. Manuel Marina Breysse and doctor and head of the cardiology service of the CSD Araceli Boraita, the two monitored more than 760 elite Spanish athletes of the #TeamESP, from disciplines as different as triathlon and skiing, along with rowing, running, cycling, basketball, pole vault, and boxing.

"This was a preventive research project that we carried out from the Center of Sports Medicine of the AEPSAD," Dr. Manuel Marina explains. "We use Nuubo's sports holter with two clear objectives: to protect the health of our athletes and to improve their sports performance."  


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