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In today's post we bring you Sheila Aviles. She is the trailrunner of the Terrex Adidas team, champion of the Skyrunning World Cup (2017 and 2019) and third place in the 2019 World Trail Championship in Portugal.

IDOVEN was with Sheila in Igualada sharing their training. Sheila monitored her heart activity continuously with the Nuubo Sports Holter before, during and after the various training sessions, as well as during the night's rest. We have been able to help Sheila learn how her heart adapts to her actual training and how she recovers from each one. This information is of great importance for an athlete like her where the correct balance between training loads and rest is essential to avoid fatigue, overtraining and problems due to poor heart adaptation.

Sheila was monitored for 7 days 24 hours a day (training and resting) with a result of almost 1 million analysed heartbeats that she donated to our campaign #donalatidos para que nuestra artificial intelligence keep learning so that we can help more and more people. The final objective of this donation of your heartbeats is to contribute to the research and prevention of heart diseases in vulnerable groups.

In the following video Sheila explains what she felt when using IDOVEN's services, what advantages it has and what the result has been.

We've always had, like. main objective try to ensure that all athletes, regardless of their level, can have at their disposal professional cardiology at a distance being able to know the state of their heart and their heart activity anywhere, including in their homes.

It is a pleasure for us to have elite athletes like Sheila Avilés, Fernando Carro o Miriam Costatry our servicesand help us get better every day.

We'll leave you with his experience:




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