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During the first wave of the Coronavirus, and its corresponding confinement, the number of deaths from heart attack and heart disease doubled (source: Spanish Journal of Cardiology*) because many of these patients were unwilling or unable to go to their respective medical centres and hospitals for fear of any type of contagion or due to saturation of the health service.

From IDOVEN we try to help the health system will not collapse by promoting the use of our servicesThis is an alternative to medical visits and check-ups, and to try to respond to physical symptoms that may be caused by a heart problem (such as dizziness, chest pain, palpitations, or choking on exertion).

In this second wave that we are experiencing, with partial confinement in much of Spain and adding the return to physical activity of many people who have been stopped for months, it is again necessary to be cautious if we have any symptoms that may affect the proper functioning of our heart system.

At IDOVEN we are working so that anyone, whether a sportsperson or not, can prevent heart problems in order to have a longer, happier and healthier life.

The process we follow in any of our services is next:

  • The order is placed through our website. Services vary depending on the number of days monitored (24h, 7 days or 21 days).
  • In less than 48 hours the client receives the easy-to-use heart monitoring device along with simple instructions at home.
  • Your heart's activity is monitored during the normal course of your day. By resting, working and/or playing sports.
  • Finally you receive a professional cardiology report by email in less than 7 days. Where the results of this cardiac monitoring, diagnosis and recommendations of our healthcare team to keep his heart system working normally. Obviously, if there is a problem, it is also diagnosed remotely and helps to solve it as soon as possible.

With our services we want to avoid a repetition of the increase of deaths by heart attack in this second wave, positioning ourselves as a professional cardiology service at home and promoting that our clients can donate your heartbeat so that other patients can in the future better prevent heart diseases such as heart attacks, improve health care pathways and develop new ways of doing medicine or treatments more quickly.

Tell us your case and we can tell you how IDOVEN can help you to know the state of your heart and that you can safely practice any activity or your favorite sport.


Bibliographic reference:

* Oriol Rodriguez-Leor et al. Impact of COVID-19 on the treatment of acute myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation. The Spanish experience. Rev Esp Cardiol. 2020 Oct 9. Online ahead of print.

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