Reduced Physical Activity Due to Pandemic May Lead to More Heart Attacks : IDOVEN

At IDOVEN we have a stated goal since the beginning of our project:

"We want people to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Therefore, we try to detect early and non-invasive heart problems to prevent diseases such as heart attack and sudden death.

During the periods most serious of the VOC pandemic 19 (March, April and May 2020 and part of 2021) we have seen how our daily sporting activity has been reduced by not being able to leave our homes (during the strictest period of confinement) and subsequently by limitations on access to sports areas such as sports centres, swimming pools and high performance centres.

Although many people have tried to continue doing sports at home with all kinds of indoor training, there are also many people who have stopped their sports activity because they are not motivated or cannot travel to the place where they normally do this type of activity.

Obviously this has consequences beyond the physical changes we mayhave from inactivity, it canalso increase the risk of suffering myocardial infarction and stroke.

From IDOVEN we want to prevent this type of situation by giving you some small tips that you can apply in your day to day trying not to collapse the health service:

  • Do physical activity in a controlled way: It can be a walk, an exercise bike, yoga...
  • Control your food intake: If your activity has been reduced, you may not need such a high calorie intake.
  • Don't stress over the current situation: Stress generates anxiety and can be a trigger for a heart attack or heart problem. In this post you can understand the difference between anxiety attacks and heart attacks.
  • Monitor how you're doing: Heart problems or heart attacks often manifest themselves as dizziness, chest pain, palpitations or drowning during the practice of any sport.

If in any case these palpitations or dizziness are frequent in your daily life and do not allow you to enjoy your daily activity we recommend that you analyze the state of your heart with our professional cardiology services remotely without having to go to any medical center or hospital.

At this link you can see the services recommended to monitor you 24 hours or 7 days.

Tell us about it your case and we can tell you how IDOVEN can help you to know the state of your heart and that you can safely practice any activity or your favorite sport.

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