Pablo Castillo and Irene de Haro are monitored with IDOVEN

In today's blog we explain the heart study that youtubers Pablo Castillo and Irene de Haro have done with IDOVEN.

Pablo and Irene are long-distance runners. Pablo works as a personal trainer for men and women athletes and has gained a wide knowledge about their physical conditions over the years.

The objective we had with this double monitoring was essentially to rule out possible problems in Pablo and Irene's hearts that could affect their sporting performance.

To sum everything up: the study has been perfect! This has reinforced the arguments that both Pablo and Irene had about their physical form and states of their hearts. In addition, they have discovered new data that will help them improve their training and better achieve their goals... and much more important: rule out possible heart pathologies.

In this video, our CEO, sports cardiologist Dr. Manuel Marina Breysse, explains in detail the results of the study. Don't miss it!


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