Miriam Costa donates her heartbeat and analyzes it with IDOVEN

In today's post we bring you the video of Miriam Costa AguadoShe is a psychologist and an elite middle-distance runner from the prestigious Club Playas de Castellón (1500 and 800 metres), and she tells us about her experience in testing our 7-day sports heart study.

Mimi has supported us from the beginning and is now part of the soul of IDOVEN, not only using our sports heart analysis service in her real training but also donating her heartbeats so that our artificial intelligence software can continue to learn and help diagnose more people's diseases in the future, creating increasingly accurate and personalized medical technology.

A few weeks ago, when we could still train, he tested our services for a week. Monitoring his heart continuously 24 hours a day both in training and at rest.

His main objective in testing our service was to find out how your heart adapts to your pace of life, how it assimilates training loads and how to use the data derived from this medical-sports study to improve your performance. Obviously, he also wanted to know if there were any problems in his heart and thus clear up any doubts so that he could continue with his high-intensity training and be able to face the challenges ahead. Mimi is part of the national team that trains at the High Performance Centre in Madrid of the Higher Sports Councilled by the coach of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and a great Olympic athlete Antonio Serrano (the first Spanish athlete to break the 2h10' barrier in marathon) and Jesus Olivan.

Mimi also echoed The most supportive part of IDOVEN. Not only has he donated his heartbeats, but he has shown us his support and encouragement to continue our work helping hospitals and doctors diagnose heart problems digitally without the need to go to any hospital. In this way, we are remotely helping many patients who have difficulties going to the hospitals because their consultation or diagnostic tests have been postponed; or because their doctors have recommended them to take extreme precautions and stay at home to limit the possibilities of contagion, as people with heart problems are a more vulnerable group to the coronavirus.

In this post we explain how IDOVEN is trying to help with our online cardiology and telemedicine to decongest hospitals in this health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Thank you Mimi for making us see that IDOVEN is more than just this: that the core value of IDOVEN is that we believe that people with passion and talent can change the world for the better.

Here are the beautiful words from Mimi's video:


If you have any questions, please write to us at contact@idoven.ai

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