Iker Casillas and Pau Gasol talk in instagram about our project: IDOVEN

A few weeks ago we gave the great news that Iker Casillas – the World Cup winning Spanish goalkeeper who suffered a heart attack in training last year - began to be part of IDOVEN, you can read the full post here.

Our main goal is to allow our remote professional cardiology service to reach anyone, anywhere. A cardiac test is performed by delivering a wearable ECG monitoring kit straight to the user’s door. So, the patient does not need to go to the hospital or have contact with medical staff.

Little by little, our work, message, goal and service are reaching more and more people and increasingly getting media attention.  

A few days ago Iker Casillas and Pau Gasol chatted on his Instagram about our project.

We are honored that two of the most renowned Spanish sportsmen in history speak about IDOVEN and see how important our project can be so that all sportsmen and sportswomen, both professional and amateur, can find out about the state of their heart and thus help prevent possible heart attacks or problems.

We want to continue to reach more homes every day. If you have any questions about our service and different cardiac studies at a distance do not hesitate to contact us at contact@idoven.ai

You can watch the interview of Iker y Gasol chatting about our project from minute 4.10.




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