IDOVEN signs a collaboration agreement with Sanitas Hospitales | IDOVEN

From IDOVEN we continue to work every day to bring professional cardiology closer to our clients' homes and, from today, we will do so hand in hand with Sanitas Hospitales as a strategic collaborator.

Last week we announced the new record we achieved at IDOVEN by beating the record for the speed of analysis of heartbeats per minute . Using a distributed system of virtual machines that reached 1600 GB of RAM in aggregate, we were able to analyse the electrocardiogram of 50,000 heartbeats in less than a minute, making it one of the most accurate automated medicines mankind has ever made.

And today, to help prevent early and non-invasive cardiac problems, we are joining the Sanitas Hospitals to carry a diagnosis early, fast and non-invasive detection of possible alterations in the heart of anyone, anywhere.

From IDOVEN we will offer our services and experience to the users of Health Portal Sanitas Servicios de Salud's digital health shop.

"We are sure that the inclusion of Idoven in our Health Portal will add value for our customers. We share the same focus on innovation applied to prevention in order to offer our patients the best care and an optimal healthcare experience", explains Eduardo Díaz, commercial director of Sanitas Hospitales.

Manuel Marina Breysse, co-founder and CEO of IDOVEN, makes his commitment clear; "At IDOVEN, we are very excited to be able to join the Sanitas Portal. An agreement that becomes a great opportunity to bring our remote medicine and services to all people who want to know the state of their heart. All this, together with the proven experience of Sanitas, the leading company in health and wellbeing, means that doing our bit is a great challenge that we are looking forward to".

For IDOVEN is proud to be able to join Sanitas Hospitales to offer our services and bring our professional cardiology to more clients at a distance.

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