IDOVEN signs a collaboration agreement with Healthia, specialists in sports medicine

In IDOVEN, a company invested by the ex-football player Iker Casillas, We continue to grow and to make a commitment to agreements of great relevance in order to offer and bring our professional sports cardiology services at a distance to all sportsmen and women.

Prevention is essential to improve the performance and healthy habits of our athletes, and that is why we join to Healthia (the sports medicine unit of the company Sanitas) who will have our services on its platform with the aim of uniting sport, technology and health.

"We are very pleased with the agreement reached with IDOVEN. In the times in which we are living with the COVID-19, from Healthia we are committed to home services which, as well as minimising risks, are provided with the same quality and professionalism as if you were going to a clinic or specialised centre", explains Pablo Bejarano Casanova, Project Manager of Healthia.

For our part, Manuel Marina Breysse, CEO and co-founder of IDOVEN, makes clear its commitment; "From IDOVEN, we are very excited to join the platform of Healthia. An agreement that becomes a great opportunity to bring our medicine (professional cardiology at a distance) and services to all athletes who want to know the status of their heart. All of this, together with the proven experience of Sanitas, the leading company in health and wellbeing, means that doing our bit is a great challenge that we look forward to.

It should be noted that all customers using the Healthia platform will be supported in our artificial intelligence with which we will analyze your heartbeat to help diagnose and prevent possible myocardial infarctions and sudden death among other heart problems. With our kit we will monitor your heart to know the state of your heart while performing your daily activities (training, rest, work, social life...). We will also send the professional report personalized to guarantee the athlete the security in the race and to improve his performance.

This new alliance is based on the conviction that remote sports medicine has an enormous capacity for growth. A medical innovation that has been tested by the best elite athletes in our country and that, thanks to platforms such as Healthia, will be available to everyone.

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