IDOVEN on RTVE in the programme "The adventure of knowledge".

On Monday May 3rd, Dr. Manuel Marina Breysse, Dr. Manuel Marina BreysseManuel Marina Breysse, CEO and Co-founder of IDOVEN was interviewed on rtve in the programme "La aventura del saber" (The adventure of knowledge) together with the doctor and journalist Nicolás Romero.

In the interview Doctor Marina explains how from IDOVEN we can help, with our servicesIn the interview, Dr. Marina explains how we can help all kinds of people to detect cardiac problems early and non-invasively in order to prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden death.

IDOVEN is redefining the way in which cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed by combining Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the cloud with wearable technology. This allows us to know the state of our heart while we sleep, play sports and rest.

In the interview, Doctor Marina gives a brief summary of how IDOVEN has grown from the initial idea, focusing mainly on elite sportsmen and women, to the later opening of our services to all people who need it and wish to know the state of their heart without going to a medical centre or hospital.

He also explains how IDOVEN has become a world reference service in the early detection of heart disease until it was invested by the ex-footballer Iker Casillas in 2020.

You can watch the interview here:  

The adventure of knowledge - 03/05/21


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