IDOVEN considered an innovative SME by the Spanish Government

The entire team of IDOVEN is in luck, we can say that we are an Innovative SME.

Since the beginning of the project, innovation has been the basis of IDOVEN.

We developed our artificial intelligence algorithm to facilitate the analysis of our clients' cardiac data and, thus, be able to diagnose heart diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden death in a preventive and non-intrusive way.

We have always considered ourselves innovative, not only because of our algorithm with which we analyze our customers' heartbeats (remember that we can analyse about 1 million beats of a client in less than 8 hours), but for being the first company in Europe to bring professional cardiology at a distance to the homes of all the people who request it. This means that the client does not have to go to a medical or sports centre to find out the state of his or her heart.

Although we have always been based on innovation and have considered ourselves innovative in our way of working, from today we can say that the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Spanish Government considers us an Innovative SME, thus recognizing our work in the field of research, technological development and innovation. We are all called R+D+I.

We continue to work, step by step, to prevent all types of heart disease in our customers by applying innovation in all our processes. Both in our servicesin our technology, in our artificial intelligence algorithm and in the way entire team's work.

We wanted to thank in this post all the customers who have tried our services and recommend the same, thus empowering more people every day to know the state of their heart in order to lead happier, healthier and longer-lasting lives.

Tell us your case and we will be able to tell you how IDOVEN can help you to know the state of your heart and that you can safely practice your favorite sport.

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