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In today's post, we have conducted a brief interview with Julio Hernandez, long distance triathlete and client of Idoven.

Julio has performed long distance tests such as Ultraking (the first Ultraman Non-Stop in the world, which is 515 kilometers in one stage) with a time of 35.10 hours, and the Ultraman of Canada with a time of 30.54 hours. He has also finished 7 Ironman races, highlighting the Ironman of Vitoria among many other challenges.

Julio trusted Idoven to analyze his case. He had been informed of a heart problem and had been advised to give up the sport he loved so much, long-distance triathlon.

After analyzing his heart for several days, we ruled out the previous diagnosis he had been given and found the solution to his case. 

Julio continues to train and compete in all kinds of distance disciplines. We, in the Idoven team, wish him well for the future.

We'll leave the interview to you:

  • Why did you decide to use our services?

A friend who had already used your service recommended it to me after seeing the good results. 

  • What benefits have you found with our technology versus others you may have tried before?

Benefits 100%. In addition to having a thorough check-up of my physical condition and its subsequent analysis to find out how to improve my sports performance, the problem I had when I was given the wrong diagnosis of my aorta was solved. Now I have all the information I need to continue training and competing safely.

  • How do you think the donation of your heartbeat affects science?

I imagine that it will help to improve people’s performance and solve possible problems, or at least that it will help provide a better knowledge for people with similar conditions as mine.

  • Do you think everyone should have more information about what's going on in their heart?

It’s easy. Knowing your heart will help you make decisions in terms of nutrition, performance improvement, etc... which will be favorable in your daily life.

  • How has Idoven helped to improve your performance?

Now that I know my limitations and areas of improvement better, it has allowed me to carry out certain highly demanding physical tests, or at least to better prepare myself to face them.

  • What has Idoven done for you / how has it helped you?

I contacted Idoven with a very negative and wrong diagnosis from a cardiologist who did not know about exercise. Through the tests performed and the thorough check-up of my heart, in particular my aorta, I knew that I could continue to compete at the highest level. Also, I had more insight into my physical condition and areas of improvement.  

Youth Triathlon

Triatlon idoven

  • What would you say to people who read this blog?

Knowing about important parts of your body is critical. The advantages are obvious both for the improvement of health and for the enhancement of sports performance. The treatment was spectacular, and the attention was 10 out of 10. They will completely dedicate their time until getting a clear result and conclusions of the patient’s situation. I would 100% recommend it.


At Idoven we make our various cardiac studies available to everyone, bringing high-precision sports cardiology to your home for you or your loved ones.

If you want to know what we can do for you, contact us at


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