Fernando Carro Donates his Heartbeats and Analyzes his Heart with IDOVEN

The main objective we have in IDOVEN is to try to reduce the possible risks that may exist in the practice of any sport.

From IDOVEN we bring maximum precision cardiac medical technology to any home. European amateur, semi-professional, and professional athletes are already monitored with us, as is the case today:

We bring you a video where Fernando Carro (national record in the 3000m steeplechase, Olympic athlete in Rio 2016, silver medal at the European Championships in Berlin 2018, participant in 5 world championships and team athlete Nike) explains his experience using our heart studies carried out by doctors who are specialists in sports cardiology and supported by artificial intelligence. 

Carro develops how he has monitored his training, both high intensity and more aerobic, his rest and sleep, in order to know the state of his heart at all times and try to reduce possible risks.

Carro and the national athletic team are also joining in to donate their heartbeats so that artificial intelligence software can continue to learn and help doctors diagnose more people's diseases in the future, creating increasingly accurate and personalized medical technology.

#donatuslatids #somostuslatids 

Here you can see Fernando's video:


If you want to know what we can do for you, write to us at the following contact contact@idoven.ai

If you would like to request one of our online sports heart studies and receive the heart monitoring kit at your home, request it here.

Other members of the national athletic team also appear in the video:

- Jaime Mancha

- Clara Viñaras

- Ricardo Rosado

At IDOVEN we use the sports holter manufactured by Nuubo. 

Photo credit: Fotorunners

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