Everything you will know by monitoring your heart for 7 days with IDOVEN

One of the most common questions you ask us to know which of our services to choose is: "Which one do you need? our services to choose is:

"What information will I get if I monitor my heart for 7 days with IDOVEN?"

By monitoring your heart for 7 days, 24 hours a day, we analyse approximately 800,000 heartbeats. With this data we can perform a rigorous analysis of every beat of your heart while you carry out your usual work, personal and sporting activities.

IDOVEN goes beyond what we know as "pulses".

Our cardiac analysis, based on artificial intelligence software, reviewed by specialised cardiologists and engineers, allows us to know the heart rate (beats per minute), its variability at different times of the day (during exercise, at rest, while working), as well as the different types of heartbeats, their duration, morphology and, most importantly, the possible correlation with a symptom or heart disease. With the results obtained during the monitoring, we prepare a detailed cardiac report, with individualised medical recommendations .

In the event that the client carries out physical exercise (regardless of their level and effort) we can guide them to improve their cardiovascular fitness and optimise their training. 

In addition, with the campaign #donatuslatidos campaign that we launched at IDOVEN together with the Iker Casillas Foundationby monitoring your heart with our servicesyou contribute to the continuous improvement in the accuracy of our algorithms. Thus helping thousands of people to diagnose heart diseases at an early stage.

You can find out more about our professional cardiology services here.

If you have any doubts or queries, or are interested in seeing how IDOVEN's services can reach your country or destination, please write to us at: contact@idoven.ai

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