Elena García Grimau and Ricardo Rosado donate their heartbeats to IDOVEN

In today's post we bring you a new interview with elite athletes (Elena García Grimau y Ricardo Rosado) who have been monitored with our services and who have donated their heartbeats for the cause. #donatuslatidoscause, a cause that we are carrying out together with the Iker Casillas Foundation.

1- How did you find out about IDOVEN?

We met Manuel MarinaManuel Marina, CEO of IDOVEN, when he was in the sports medicine centre of the Consejo Superior de Deportes and we carried out a 24h cardiac monitoring with him. Years later IDOVEN was born and we can say that since its beginnings we know what you do and we are very attentive, for us, who are elite long-distance runners, our cardiac health is very important.

2- Why did you choose IDOVEN and not another cardiac monitoring service?

IDOVEN is a service with cutting-edge technology, very easy to use and perfectly adapted to our daily lives.

Elena García: In my case, because I have congenital heart disease, I have gone from wearing 15 cm holters with a lot of wiring to a device of just 6 cm, without wires and waterprooof.

3- What activity do you usually do on a daily basis? Hours of training, types of training, intensities, sessions...

We train every day, combining volume with intensity.

Ricardo argues: "I usually run 120 kilometres a week, with 15-20 kilometres and three days of series.

Elena: I usually do 80-90 km weeks, with 2-3 days of intensity at high aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold.

4- What is a day in your life like? How do you combine training, work and social life?

Our day-to-day life is crazy, well Ricardo's more than mine. I am now 50% teleworking, honestly this helps the elite athlete a lot, but in normal conditions I have a 30-hour working day and then I spend 2-3 hours training.

We can say that from 8 in the morning until 11 at night we do not stop for a single moment. Undoubtedly, what is most affected is our social life, the little time we have at weekends we try to spend with our family and closest friends.

5- Have you used IDOVEN to improve your performance or is the objective to know the state of your heart in order to be healthier and more controlled?

Our main objective was healthOur main objective was health, that is, toknow the state of our heart and to be controlled, but the results obtained were shared with our trainer, Arturo Martín, so that he could adapt them to the planning of training and sports performance.

6- Do you think it is necessary to take care of the heart, regardless of the level of sport we do, just as we take care of other muscles?

Of course, the heart is the engine of any person's body and it is necessary to take care of it and to know how to take care of it. Sometimes there is a misconception that because you are an elite athlete you are healthy and fit and beyond sports injuries you have no major problems. But this is not the case, We therefore decided to monitor ourselves with IDOVEN for seven days.

7- What results have you obtained from the study, does it give you peace of mind, will it enable you to improve your performance?

The study clearly indicates whether the monitoring result is normal or not.

The medical report explains the type of anomalies detected, when they were detected, whether they are common in the population or not, etc.

It is very complete and understandable and provides a lot of peace of mind. In addition, they indicate the work zones, depending on the data recorded, to improve athletic performance. We have been training for many years in high level athletics and we are used (both us and our coach) to train in the different zones and thresholds, these data are always useful to know at that moment your fitness and continue improving.

8- Would you recommend our services to other people who want to know the state of their heart?

Without a doubt, our cardiac health is priceless and your monitoring is so easy that it is difficult to make excuses for it.. In 5 minutes you request the service and you receive the package at home in less than 48 hours.

9- Any recommendations for future clients?

The important thing in life is to be healthy in order to be able to do what you set out to do.So paying attention to your heart is essential. Those who have never had a heart monitor and those who do some kind of physical activity, have at the click of a button to know their cardiovascular health.

For IDOVEN it is a pleasure to be able to monitor both elite athletes and anyone who needs to know the state of their heart to prevent possible pathologies or cardiac episodes.

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