Cardiac monitoring with IDOVEN and Watts Lab This is how we try to prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden death in cycling

A few weeks ago we were telling you about collaboration agreement we have made with Watts lab to help prevent diseases like heart attack and sudden death in cycling.

Little by little we are making our way in more sports, not only in football (it is worth mentioning the presence of Iker Casillas as an investor in IDOVEN). We are also present in athletics, mountain races, rowing, basketball... and, in addition, we can adapt our services to any bicycle sport.

Today we talk about the heart monitoring that we carry out from IDOVEN in the facilities of Watts lab while the athlete monitored his sports performance and the correct adjustment of the posture on the bike.

From IDOVEN we sent our service to the Watts lab facility where Carlos would begin monitoring his heart in a specific training and then continue to monitor his heart while he rested and performed his normal daily activity.

According to Watts Lab: "The goal we have is not to have people train for the sake of training. It's not about training more, it's about training better." So every time the athlete gets on the bike, he can train in a correct posture and with a clear training goal.

In IDOVEN we seek to make these trainings optimal for the cardiac system by avoiding possible arrhythmias or overtraining as a result of overly intense or poorly planned training.

In the case of Carlos, we wanted to eliminate the possible doubts that the sportsman himself had transferred to us:"From time to time I feel a little dizzy when training".

These dizzinesses can have many causes. The objective of IDOVEN is to locate the origin of these dizzinesses and analyze if there is any heart disease in order to prevent it.

So was Carlos' studio:

  • Duration 6-7 days.
  • Number of monitored beats: 511,624 beats
  • Maximum heart rate in effort: 189bpm
  • Resting/sleeping pulse: 44bpm
  • Reason for the dizziness: the study concluded that the athlete is 100% suitable for this type of effort, finding no heart problems in the study.

The main objective we had was to rule out any heart problems for Carlos, thus preventing any heart problems in sports.

Finally, the study concluded that Carlos is suitable for this type of training and recommended a series of guidelines to continue cycling without risk for a long time.

Every day there are more and more athletes, and non-athletes(in this post we explain how IDOVEN can help you if you are not an athlete), who go through our services to prevent heart problems or sudden death. We continue to try to prevent heart disease by relying on technology and artificial intelligence.

If you are interested in knowing the state of your heart, please check our services.

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