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As you know if you follow our blog or our social networks, at Idoven we have a clear goal: to try to detect heart disease in people who may unknowingly have a heart condition in order to try reduce the impact these diseases currently have.

The case we're dealing with today is that of Tomás.

Tomás is 13 years old, and a year ago, he suffered a sudden death when he was in the schoolyard playing with his classmates. 

At the time neither Tomás nor his family were aware of the heart problems he had. He had never had any symptoms. After his transfer to the hospital by SUMMA, the team of excellent professionals and cardiologists of the Peace Hospital who attended him finally identified what his condition was: severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The same one that causes many of the sudden deaths.

Tomás was discharged from the hospital with an ICD implanted in his heart and, after suffering further cardiac arrest, he put himself in our hands to try and return to a normal life. After monitoring his cardiac activity for about a month, we discovered what some of the triggers for those cardiac arrests were: the short circuits that "jumped the weights" of his young heart.

What we discovered, thanks to our alliance with Nuubo, has allowed him to change some of his life habits:

  • Now, for example, he knows that he must avoid sudden changes in rhythm that cause sudden tachycardia in his heart, since these changes are what produce the electrical instability that can cause cardiac arrest. 
  • This long-term heart monitoring of Tomás has also been shared with the cardiologists of the Hospital de la Paz, to complement their studies and to be able to choose the best treatment with the intention of avoiding new episodes of these malignant arrhythmias.

Today, thanks to these new habits, medical treatment and the IAD implanted in his heart, Tomás can lead a life like any other child his age.

In this video, Thomas tells you about it himself

In IDOVEN we work to detect this type of pathology in time thanks to the beats that are voluntarily donated by the people who monitor their heart with us. Together you have already donated more than 4,500 million beats that will help us to make medicine increasingly precise, more efficient and agile in the detection of this type of pathology.

From IDOVEN we put our different cardiac studies available to everyone, bringing online and remote cardiology to any home for you or for your loved ones.

If you want to know what we can do for you, contact us at contact@idoven.ai


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